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We support "Transformative Leap" projects, of determined duration (up to two years) and "Compatible Scale", with a specific "Yeast Effect" which is measurable within one year of completion. 


"Compatible Scale" means that PdC's financial contribution to the project is sufficiently large compared to its total cost, so that our proposal "to have a voice in the project" can be acceptable to the client foundation.


"Yeast effect" is a useful metapor for our work: just as a small amount of yeast transforms and raises the larger quantity of dough in bread, thus our contribution to the transformational project raises the performance of the client foundation to a higher level.

How do we Select Projects ?


We prefer projects that are proposed by the Client or formulated jointly over those proposed by PdC.


We contribute funds, which together with the financial contribution of the Client organization, enable the completion of the approved project in a period of two years or less. Additionally, we offer to share our management and professional experience and expertise for the design, implementation, administration and measurement of processes, which can complement the technical and leadership of the client organization in order to propel a visible "Transformative Leap".


Examples: Process redesign; management and organizational design; leadership/managerial training and/or coaching of their management, technical and professional staff; productivity software; stimulus for the acceleration of growth of Small/Medium business companies including the creation of "Champions"; scholarships to high-potential youth from underprivileged groups.


              Visualize                                   Design                                    Plan                                  Implement                     Transformative Leap

We define two types of projects: 


"Support Project": PdC provides a financial contribution and requires periodic progress reports. During two meetings per year with the client organization, we monitor its progress, ask questions & offer suggestions toward the intended "Transformative Leap".  A final evaluation report of the "Yeast Effect" is expected 12 months after completion.

"Consultative Project": In addition to the financial contribution, we participate actively in the steering committee, offering our experience in the design, execution, management and evaluation of results during at quarterly meetings, workshops and other meetings requested by the client. A final evaluation report of the "Yeast Effect" is required 12 months after completion.

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