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    Why the name "Puentes de Caña"?


"Puentes" (Bridges) 

are used to cross obstacles or chasms, connecting two points on our journey. 

They enable us to reach the other side and to continue making progress in our journey.

           "Caña" (Bamboo Cane or Guadua)

is a natural, light, strong, flexible, and rapidly growing material of moderate cost

which is abundant in Colombia and used for construction.


"Puentes de Caña" 

 is a suitable metaphor for our mission

to help build the bridge that enables organizations to leap across its obstacles 

and continue their journey on the other side in order to

Transform their performance and take it to a higher level.  


Anecdotically, "Caña" is grown in fields of cane, which in Spanish are "cañaverales" ="cañizares".

This last word evokes the Fund's founding family.



We are retired Colombian professionals educated abroad, now in the “jubilant” stage of our lives, who thankful and appreciative of the the opportunities that shaped us and our careers, are betting on Colombia's future offering our support, with financial resources as well as with knowledge and expertise, to foundations in Colombia who want to build bridges to a better future in the execution of their mission. 


Board of Directors

Who are we ?
Lucia Cañizares Molina

BS in Social Work (Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá), Fulbright Scholar, with a Lions Club Scholarship for her MS in Education (U. of Arkansas), Lucía contributes to PdC with her broad field & managerial experience with International NGOs and socio-educational projects in Colombia, Africa & South America.

Eduardo Gonzales Paez

Economist with  MBA (Unversidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá), Eduardo brings his extensive financial experience (Lloyd’s Bank) and social sensitivity developed during his 12 successful years as Executive Director of the Fundacion San Antonio serving vulnerable youth in Bogotá. 

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Roberto Cañizares Mesa

BS in Engineering Physics (Cornell University), MS in Applied Economics (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), MBA (Johnson School at Cornell), Rob leads the strategy of the organization leveraging over twenty years of senior managerial & general management experience in executive roles at global multinationals.

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Gail Anderson Cañizares

BS in Education (Vanderbilt University) with Masters Degree in Middle School Education (University of Wisconsin), Gail contributes her insights with her diverse experience as a K-12 teacher in the United States and Latin America, and living experiences in Europe and Asia. 

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