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Our Mission

During the life of every organization, including non-profit foundations, there are times when making significant changes becomes essential in order to continue growing or to overcome challenges that impede its progress.


If simultaneously the foundation's methods are outdated or its resources are strained, tensions/stresses generated by the shortfall in achieving its goals or fulfilling its purpose become pervasive.


These times, which require a "Transformative Leap", become the obstacle the organization must overcome to define its future: either it moves to a higher stage, it stagnates or it may even disappear. 

What Next ?


At these challenging crossroads, the decision

to take a "Transformative Leap" becomes the critical decision for its leaders,

because the scarcity of resources (human or financial) increases the risk of such a jump.

Successful Transformative Projects

We offer support to foundations in Colombia

who want to take that "Transformative Leap" to improve themselves and florish, 

achieving a higher level of performance.  

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