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We go through these steps: 

 * First we assess the foundation, in order to qualify it as a valid candidate.

 * Next we explore possible projects and select the best choice which also meets PdC's qualifying criteria.  

 * Then, we cooperate in developing its parameters (goals, plan, metrics) and draft the project description

    which becomes the basis for the cooperation agreement between the Client Foundation and PdC.

 * Finally, where appropriate, CAF America assesses the Client Foundation and the project and decides on the donation.

How do we Work ?

Organizations have three types of Expense...


 ...which correspond to materially different purposes, and which should best be managed differently. Using the     graphic metaphor of a a fruit with a large/hard pit (The NUT), we classify the expenses in three categories:

THE PEEL: Expenses for Development Projects relating to entering new activities or new segments of beneficiaries,

in order to generate growth.


THE PULP: Expense for Programs to improve the performance of the organization in the use of existing resources.


THE NUT:  Ongoing costs of operation and activities required to keep the organization functioning (may be Fixed or Variable).

We support Projects which focus on the PULP and the PEEL, but not the NUT.


This motto: 

"THE NUT is NOT!" 

reminds us of this guiding principle

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